Hyderabad NGOs raise their Hands in rescuing Homeless Elderly Persons

Good Samaritan’s India, an NGO indulge in rescuing homeless elderly persons has rescued 48 elderly persons since March till May 12.

Seventy-two-year-old Yadav was dehydrated and restless when a city-based NGO rescued him. He was found lying on a pavement in Bharathnagar area under the scorching sun, with no food and water.

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Yadav who has been abandoned by his two sons was begging on the road to survive, however, at the time when Indian Meteorological Department, Hyderabad, (IMD) has issued a heatwave warning his condition deteriorated.

The founder of Good Samaritan’s India, George Rakesh said, “He is very old, he couldn’t walk and beg also, so he sat at one place and begged. He hardly earned anything. He was found lying, dehydrated and restless because of the hot weather. He was rescued, now he is staying in the NGO shelter home at Secunderabad. He is doing better but, doctors don’t seem too hopeful.”

George added, “We rescued a 65-year-old man who used to beg near a temple near passport office. The temple trustee called us after he collapsed on the road, the doctor said he is not only dehydrated but his sugar level is also high. After we rescued him, within four days he died.”

Hyderabad head of HelpAge India, Mohammed Raza said, “Though there are state-run old age homes, they are reluctant to take elderly persons who are very sick. The whole stress falls upon the NGOs which runs on donations.”

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Raza added, “It is important to address the issue, most of the elderly people who are rescued are abandoned and abused by children and have nowhere else to go. Government need to either provide proper funding to NGOs to support the rescued elders or need to open more homes to accommodate at least 150 persons in each home.”

With increasing temperature, the experts raised concerned over the well being of abandoned elderly people who are not capable of taking care of themselves.

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