Wyss Foundation launches Campaign to protect Planet by 2030

The Wyss Foundation announced has announced the launch of an unprecedented $1 billion campaign to help rapidly expand the proportion of the Earth’s lands and oceans that are conserved so current and future generations can drink clean water, breathe clean air, and experience the wonders of the natural world.

The goal of the effort, called the Wyss Campaign for Nature, is to help nations conserve 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 by creating and expanding protected areas, encouraging the international community to establish more ambitious protected area targets, investing in science, and inspiring conservation action and new investments around the world.

Philanthropist, Hansjörg Wyss said, “From the forests that supply our drinking water to the rugged backcountry that inspires the imagination of our children, everyone on Earth has a stake in conserving our planet’s wild places before they are gone. I believe that to confront the global conservation crisis, we need to do far more to support locally-led initiatives that conserve lands in the public trust, so that everyone has a chance to experience and explore the wonders of the outdoors.”

CEO of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek said, “The Wyss Campaign for Nature is remarkable for its vision, scale, and extraordinary commitment to conserving lands and waters in the public trust. The Nature Conservancy is proud to be a partner in the Wyss Campaign for Nature, and we are grateful for Hansjörg Wyss’s philanthropic leadership at such a critical moment for our planet’s wild places.”

With $6.9 million in funding from the Wyss Campaign for Nature, The Nature Conservancy will expand its Blue Bonds for Conservation initiative in the Caribbean and will work with local partners to create a more than 200,000-acre sustainable agriculture zone and protected area in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin.

CEO of the National Geographic Society, Tracy R. Wolstencroft said, “We are proud to join forces with the Wyss Foundation on this bold effort to accelerate the protection of Earth’s lands, waters, and wildlife. As the world looks to 2020 when key decision-makers will meet in China to agree on new targets for global conservation of nature, this important campaign could not have come at a more critical time.”

With support from the Wyss Campaign for Nature, the National Geographic Society will document why ambitious global conservation action is needed to help alleviate the worst impacts of climate change and address the problems associated with the declining health of the natural world.

The collapse of fisheries, for example, is jeopardizing livelihoods and food supplies around the globe. More than 800 million people do not have access to clean drinking water, and the degradation of rivers and waterways poses a grave risk to public health. By 2020, the planet will have lost two-thirds of its wildlife populations unless urgent action is taken now.

The Wyss Campaign for Nature builds on two decades of work by the Wyss Foundation to support locally led conservation initiatives in the United States and, in recent years, Africa, South America, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

Since 1998, the Wyss Foundation has donated more than $450 million, enabling the foundation’s partners to conserve nearly 40 million acres—or over 16 million hectares—of land and water around the world.

The Wyss Foundation’s $1 billion commitment to the Wyss Campaign for Nature over the next decade will approximately triple the foundation’s annual investments in conservation outside of the United States.

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