NGOs urge Government to be Sensitive towards Environmental Challenges

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National Coordinator of Coalition of NGOs, Dr Odigha Odigha called on government at all levels to be sensitive to environmental challenges.

Odigha said, “Governments ought to be proactive on issues concerning the environment. By being sensitive to environmental challenges, Nigeria would be able to reduce the effect of Climate Change on the people. Global environmental issue such as climate change is real, we must make effort to reduce its effect on the country.”

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He said, “The current heatwave nationwide has never been so, this should be taken seriously and actions taken to mitigate the situation. Nigerians should be made to understand the issues of deforestation and desertification. Nigerians should be made to support and encourage activities that will protect the environment.

Odigha also said, “People should engage in trees planting within and around their houses and neighborhoods, they must stop cutting down trees without appropriate permission. Environmental agencies and government departments should be proactive in attending to the issues that degrade the environment.”