Echidna Fund grants $500,000 to Philanthropy University for Innovative Approach towards Capacity Building

Echidna Giving, a philanthropic fund has announced to grant ‘Philanthropy University’, a free online learning platform aimed at strengthening local, mission-driven organizations throughout the Global South, a total of $500,000 to support its innovative programming for capacity building.

This two-year grant will fund experimental and programmatic activities to measurably strengthen mission-driven organizations in the Global South through Philanthropy University.

The funding will be used to drive experiments to further localize Philanthropy University’s core products, more deeply tap the expertise of its user base and support the foundational activities necessary to sustain and scale its learning platform.

CEO at Philanthropy University, Connor Diemand-Yauman said, “Having evolved its grantmaking from large iNGOS to local organizations, Echidna Giving understands the pivotal role of local organizations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We are thrilled to partner with Echidna Giving to forge new frontiers in the training of mission-driven organizations worldwide.”

Managing Director at Echidna Giving, Erin Ganju said, “We believe it’s important to support organizations working in international development to build and strengthen their capacity so they can deliver on their organization’s mission. It is exciting to partner with Philanthropy University who is at the forefront of re-imagining capacity building for the digital age.”

To date, Philanthropy University has served over 240,000 learners seeking access to practical courses, knowledge-share communities and funding opportunities that help them become more effective in their social impact work. Over 70% of its users reside in the Global South.

About Echidna Giving

Echidna Giving is a private funder committed to deploying $500 to $700 million towards new horizons in girls’ education over the next 40 years, in lower-income countries where girls are most disadvantaged.

Their vision is a world in which the promise of girls’ education has been delivered: girls grasp greater opportunities to learn and earn, passing on the value of education to their own children, thereby enabling better prospects for each successive generation.

About Philanthropy University

Philanthropy University is a free online learning platform that provides locally-led organizations in the Global South with access to practical courses, knowledge-share communities and funding opportunities.

With this tailored support, local organizations can become more effective in their work to help solve some of the world’s most pressing social issues and save even more lives.​