Government of Canada join hands with Climate Experts for Clean Growth and Climate Change

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, has announced that the Government is soliciting proposals from independent experts prepared to establish an arm’s-length, policy-oriented organization focused on clean growth and climate change.

The Government of Canada is committed to ambitious action on clean growth and climate change. To support this goal, it recognizes the need for independent expert analysis and evidence-based advice.

The Government would enter into a contribution agreement with the successful applicant. The Government’s investment of up to $20 million over five years is open to new or existing not-for-profits that have secured support from recognized experts and other organizations.

The chosen organization would be responsible for the following core activities:

Undertake and document high-quality analysis and research to address critical policy questions and inform programs that promote clean growth and climate change in Canada; Develop practical and forward looking advice based on high-quality analysis and research, to support informed decision-making by governments and Canadians; Convene and facilitate participation from diverse interests and perspectives to build connections and foster collaboration; and Compile, integrate, and communicate available information and data on clean growth and climate action and translate it into usable and comprehensive advice to improve climate literacy in Canada and encourage climate action.

The expert organization would compile information and data, carry out research and analysis, and identify and communicate best practices to support ambitious climate action.

The organization would build on and strengthen the capacity of climate experts in Canada to provide informed advice to governments and all Canadians.

Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna said, “We are launching this process because we recognize that our government and all Canadians must have access to the best evidence-based advice and expertise about climate change. That includes cutting pollution, adapting to the risks and costs of a changing climate, and seizing clean-growth opportunities for our kids and grandkids.”

Many of Canada’s international partners such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and Finland similarly benefit from independent research and information on climate change.

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