UNDP and GEF embark on vast Projects to curb Wildlife Trafficking

UNDP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) have started off a project under the GEF-financed, World Bank-led Global Wildlife Program that aims to curb maritime wildlife trafficking, targeting key routes and transit points between Africa and Asia. Spanning over a period of 36 months, the US$2 million initiative will aim to reduce maritime trafficking of wildlife between Africa and Asia by strengthening wildlife law enforcement at ports and increasing cooperation between ports and other … [Read more...]

NFWF and NOAA announce New Grants for 2018 National Coastal Resilience Fund

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), NOAA and their partners have announced new grants worth $28.9 million for the 2018 National Coastal Resilience Fund . The new grants are announced for the restoration or expansion of natural features that help minimize the impacts of storms, rising sea levels and other extreme events on nearby communities and infrastructure in 22 states and Puerto Rico. The 35 grants will generate $38.3 million in matching contributions for a total conservation … [Read more...]

Albania to launch first Call for Applications for ‘IPARD II’ Programme

On November 30, 2018, the agricultural Ministry of Albania will open the first call for applications for funding under the EU-backed Instrument for Pre-accession for Rural Development (IPARD II) programme. The Albanian government and the EU will co-finance the programme through a 94 million euro ($107 million) fund. IPARD aims to provide assistance for the implementation of the acquis concerning the Common Agricultural Policy and to contribute to the sustainable adaptation of the agricultural … [Read more...]

Acres for America announces Funding of $3.2 Million to protect Wildlife Habitats

Acres for America has announced $3.2 million in grants to protect wildlife habitats across more than 84,350 acres and increase public access to spectacular landscapes in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, Texas and Vermont. Vice President of realty operations for Walmart, John Clarke said, "We know that communities across the country care deeply about wildlife and natural landscapes. Walmart is thrilled to help conserve these precious natural resources and proud to … [Read more...]

Wyss Foundation launches Campaign to protect Planet by 2030

The Wyss Foundation announced has announced the launch of an unprecedented $1 billion campaign to help rapidly expand the proportion of the Earth's lands and oceans that are conserved so current and future generations can drink clean water, breathe clean air, and experience the wonders of the natural world. The goal of the effort, called the Wyss Campaign for Nature, is to help nations conserve 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 by creating and expanding protected … [Read more...]

N.C. Zoo receives three Grants for Wildlife Conservation Projects in Africa

The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, United States has received three grants worth a total of $77,000 for its wildlife conservation projects in Africa. A grant from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conservation Grants Fund, which will support expansion of the zoo’s current work in southern Tanzania to include the Selous Game Reserve, the largest game reserve in Africa. Two of those grants will aid in the recovery of African vultures, a project led by Corinne Kendall, the zoo's curator of … [Read more...]

Disney Conservation Fund announces Grants Globally, 3 Indian Organisations to be honored

The Disney Conservation Fund (DCF) has announced $5 million to conservation organisations around the world and names its Disney Conservation Heroes by felicitating and rewarding those that work to protect the magic of nature around the world. Among the awardees, three organisations - Arulagam, International Fund for Animal Welfare and Panthera, working in India will also receive grants from DCF. The fund also recognised 13 people across the globe with the Disney Conservation Hero award for … [Read more...]

UK Aid to battle against Criminal Gangs driving illegal Wildlife Trade

A new joint initiative with the foreign office has been announced by the International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt to target wildlife traffickers and criminal gangs, tackling the global scourge of the illegal wildlife trade. The initiative consists of £3 million funding from DFID (this will come from a mix of new money and allocations from pre-existing budgets), and £0.5million from the FCO. This money will be allocated equally between The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime … [Read more...]

Malaysian NGO team up with Locals to boost Elephant Conservation Efforts

Malaysian Non-governmental organisations (NGO) is collaborating with the  locals here to create a sustainable model to support humans and elephants co-existence in the landscape. A Community Elephant Ranger Team (CERT) based here, which was formed in March, comprises of trained volunteers from Kampung Liningkung, Kampung Bauto, Kampung Gambaron and Kampung Telupid to help in monitoring elephant migrations between Telupid, Beluran and Tongod. This year, Sabah has recorded 26 elephant deaths in … [Read more...]

UK Aid to curb Wildlife Crime with Innovative Solutions

The UK Department for International Development has launched a major push in order to find new ways in tackling the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT). An additional support of £6 million is also provided to protect some of the world’s most iconic and endangered species including rhinos, elephants and pangolins. The fresh support will be welcomed by the Prime Minister, who will open the landmark IWT Conference being held in London on 11-12 October, the largest conference ever to be held on this … [Read more...]