Bangladesh signs $250 Million Development Policy Operation to create Large-Scale Jobs

The government of Bangladesh has signed a $250 million development policy operation to support the country’s reform efforts to create large-scale, better-paid and inclusive jobs. The Programmatic Jobs Development Policy Credit—the first of a series of three planned operations—will help Bangladesh build a stronger policy and institutional framework to create faster and more inclusive jobs for citizens, including women, youth, overseas migrants and the vulnerable members of the … [Read more...]

WHO receives support to reduce Anaemia in Women by 2025

An Australian-led team of researchers and their collaborators around the world is supporting World Health Organisation in achieving its target of reducing anaemia in women by 2025. New trials on 6,000 women and children in Malawi and Bangladesh have been announced by Australia's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute to tackle the problem of iron deficiency. Working alongside the University of Melbourne, the University of Malawi, the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Diseases Research in … [Read more...]

Green tech and Innovation help secure Safe Water for Rohingya Refugees

The first five solar-powered safe water systems by UNHCR and UN Refugee Agency in Cox’s Bazar refugee settlements are now delivering at their full capacity. These new systems improve the daily supply of safe, clean drinking water to Rohingya refugees living in crowded sites in southeast Bangladesh. The project, funded by UNHCR, is part of a broader shift in the humanitarian response towards the expanded use of green and non-polluting technologies. The new safe water systems run entirely … [Read more...]

World Bank funds $500 Million to Bangladesh for Dairy, Livestock Productivity

The funding worth $500 million has been approved by the World Bank  to improve livestock and dairy production in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand for egg, meat and milk and thereby improve the nutritional intake of its citizens. The project aims to provide at least two million people with food safety information through training, mobile applications, and other multimedia tools. The Livestock and Dairy Development Project will improve agricultural productivity and market access of … [Read more...]

100 Youth from 18 Countries participated in ‘Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities, 2018’

The three day “Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities, 2018” successfully concluded on 11 November 2018. Around 100 youth from 18 countries  with disabilities (visual disability, hearing disability, locomotor disability and intellectual disability/developmental disorder) participated  in this event. The 18 countries are: India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UK and … [Read more...]

Denmark increases Support to meet Urgent Needs of Rohingya Refugees

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs has announced extra funding of $US4.6 million (30 million DKK) to meet the urgent food needs of Rohingya refugees and host communities. The Danish government was one of the first donors to support WFP in meeting the urgent humanitarian needs of the Rohingya refugees. Having allocated 203 million DKK in 2017, and 360 million DKK so far in 2018, Denmark plans to further increase humanitarian and development assistance. During their … [Read more...]

UK provides Funding to support Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities in Bangladesh

UK has made contribution of US $22.25 million that will help to meet the immediate food and nutrition needs of Rohingya refugees living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh as they face the dangerous monsoon season. The Department for International Development (DFID) has been a generous supporter of WFP activities in Cox’s Bazar, including an innovative e-voucher programme which allows refugees to purchase a variety of food items at specially designated shops. DFID has also supported engineering and … [Read more...]